Monday, April 11, 2011

Indianapolis, Indiana

Garfield Park, Indianapolis, Indiana
The beautifully landscaped sunken gardens in this park, together with its greenhouses, playgrounds, and outdoor theatre attract thousands of visitors both day and night. Covering an area of 128 acres it is one of the larger parks of the Indianapolis park system.

American Legion National Headquarters, Indianapolis, Ind.  This national headquarters building furnished to the American Legion by the State of Indiana, is located at 700 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis.  One of the largest and most modern structures in the Middlewest, it is a suitable home for the world’s largest veteran’s organization.

Indiana World War Memorial Plaza, Indianapolis, Indian
The beautiful Plaza, located in the heart of the city, covers five city blocks.
This view from the terrace of the memorial shrine, shows the Black Granite Obelisk in the center, the Scottish Rite Cathedral at the left and in the background the National Headquarters of the American Legion and the Public Library.

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