Thursday, July 21, 2011

Richmond, Virginia

Battle Abbey
The Confederate Memorial Institute
428 North Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia
This classical Greek building, on of Richmond's showplaces, has an outstanding display of Battle Flags, a collection of Arms and equipment and portraits of Confederate Officers.  The Abbey is also the headquarters for the Virginia Historical Society founded in 1831.

Main Office
New Seaboard Air Line - Railroad Building
Richmond, Virginia
This ultra-modern office building housing the main offices of the Seaboard Air Line - Railroad was completed in 1958.

Interior View
St. John's Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia
This historic edifice, built in 1741, is the oldest church in Richmond.  it was here during the second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, that Patrick Henry rose from his pew (third from the front, designated here by the open door) and uttered his famous challenge - "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!".

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  1. That Patrick Henry historic site is the kind of thing I really enjoy going to see.