Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bok Tower Gardens - Lake Wales, Florida

Two jumbo (6.5" x 9") postcards today.

The Singing Tower near Lake Wales, Florida.  A Symbol of Florida, the Singing Tower rises 250 feet on the slope of Iron Mountain (324 feet altitude), now a Mountain Lake Sanctuary, established as a retreat for man, a refuge for birds and a sylvan setting for the Singing Tower by Edward Wm. Bok (1889-1930), Pulitzer Prize Winner and editor of Ladies' Home Journal.  He is buried in a crypt at the base of the Tower.

Here on Iron Mountain the Indians of Central Florida held their ceremony of the Rising Sun each spring.  A large stone circled by 13 smaller stones, representing the sun and the 13 moons of the Indian year, has been found there.

The Singing Tower near Lake Wales, Florida:  Rises 250 feet on the slope of Iron Mountain and became the Symbol of Florida.  Now a Mountain Lake Sanctuary, it is a refuge for birds in the memory of Edward William Bok, Pulitzer Prize Winner.

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