Friday, October 7, 2011

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

High Water Mark of the Rebellion
Gettysburg, PA.
This point marks the end of Pickett's Charge ad from it the defeated troops fell back and never again made a successful stand.  this unique and artistic memorial signifies the termination of one of the most gallant offenses recorded in history and it was here the tide of success of the Confederacy turned.

Devil's Den, Gettysburg, PA.
All visitors to Gettysburg see this natural landmark which, during the battle here, furnished shelter for Confederate sharpshooters who were picking off the gunners at the batteries on Little Round Top.

North Carolina Memorial
Gettysburg, PA.
Lower on the east side of Confederate Avenue, this beautiful monument has been recently erected by the State of North Carolina to commemorate the most important part which her sons took in the great conflict at Gettysburg.  There is possibly no monument on the field which better portrays action and determination than this reproduction of the men in grey.

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