Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Washington Monument

The first and third of these jumbo cards are very similar but they are different, I promise.

Washington Monument
Cherry Blossom Time
Washington, D.C.
A shaft of granite over 555 ft. high.  The winding stairway of 900 steps makes it possible to walk to the top.  there is an elevator which makes the trip also.  this Historic Shrine with its setting of Cherry Blossoms is one of the ost beautiful sights in Springtime and is visited by thousands each year.

The Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. - The white marble shaft rises 555 feet and may be reached by elevator in 70 seconds.  A magnificent view of the city and broad expanse of Maryland and Virginia may be seen from its windows.  Its simplicity of design, attributed to Robert Mills, is in keeping with the modesty of the great patriot it commemorates.

The Washington Monument, Washington, D.C. - The Washington Monument seen from the tidal Basin with blossoming Cherry Trees is afforded only during the early spring.  the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival attracts thousands of visitors to Washington.

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