Friday, October 14, 2011

Cypress Gardens

When I recently remembered that I had these jumbo postcards I really didn't have any idea as to the content on them.  They had been packed away for over ten years.  Imagine my happiness to discover todays cards which are my favorite from among those found and the last of the jumbo Cypress Gardens cards.  Two of the three feature Esther Williams from her time at the Gardens filming the MGM motion picture Easy to Love.  Sadly I've never seen the full movie but I have seen the big water skiing extravaganza.  I would suggest to everyone to check it out on Youtube as it is really something to behold.

A Great Water Show at Famous Cypress Gardens, Florida:  Cypress Gardens is famous not only for its beautiful tropical gardens, but also for the magnificent daily water shows performed by the master water skiers of the world.  This picture shows a cavalcade on water led by Esther Williams, star of MGM, in preparation of a forthcoming motion picture, taken at Cypress Gardens.

Famous film star Esther Williams who waterskis with the aquamaids and champions at Florida's Cypress Gardens in the M.G.M. movie EASY TO LOVE.

Water Skiing is one of the favorite sports of Florida.  Champion water skiers from all over the world meet at Cypress Gardens, Florida, to compete where this scene was taken.

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